Lista melodii crestine noi

Dorim sa va punem la dispozitie o lista cu melodii crestine noi , ce au aparut in acest an sau care merita sa fie ascultate inca odata 🙂 Intreaga lista cu melodii crestine noi o gasiti mai jos.

melodii crestine noi

Puteti asculta intreaga lista de melodii crestine noi pe canalul Youtube Radio Crestin Aripi Spre Cer dand clic aici.

Melodii crestine noi incluse in playlist:

Sofia, Ayan, Alin si Emima Timofte – Vino cu noi

Emma Repede- Minunea Vietii |Official Video|

Alin si Emima Timofte – Cred in Salvatorul (Official Video)

Ionuț Gontaru – Nu ești învins | Cântări vechi cu Speranța și Prietenii Vol.II |

Domini – Veniti sa vestim (official video)

DENNIS GORCEA – Alege Calea Lui

EVB – Darul cel mai pretios

Alin şi Florina Jivan & Andrei şi Camelia Ciurdaş -Colindăm biruitori- (Video Oficial)

Harmony Music – Nu Exista Cruce Fara Iesle (Official)

Catalin si Ramona Lup – In bratul Tau (Live 2015)

Catalin si Ramona Lup – Altfel de viata (Live 2015)

Alin si Emima Timofte – Impreuna ducem vestea (Official Video)

Catalin si Ramona Lup – Dar Iata Ca Intr-o Zi (Live 2015)

Otto Pascal – Mi-este dor de colindat [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Alin si Emima Timofte – Doar in Tine ma incred (Official Video)

Teo Family – Gustati si Vedeti [Official Video]

Cristian Văduva | O, cât de mare-i jertfa // Official Video

Domini & Band – Mai mult din Tine [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Andreea si Andrei – E iarași Crăciun [Official Video] 4K

Alin si Emima Timofte – Pace pe pamant (Official Lyric Video)

Sofia, Ayan, Alin si Emima Timofte – Vreau sa te colind (Acoustic Video)

Alin și Florina Jivan & Marius Vilan – Vin acasă de Crăciun (Colind Video Official)

Marius Pop & Band – In fata Regelui – [Official video]

Eldad KIDS “Mare si Sfant” ( Official video) / Muzica pentru copii /

Otto Pascal – Numele Tau [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Domini & Kids – O stea pe cer – colind (official video)

Paradis – Nu Ma Tem Official 4K

Nume Glorios

Ionut Craciun – Te inalt, Domnul meu [Official Video] – 2015

Sofia Timofte – Pentru slava Lui (Official Video)

Adi și Bianca Alexa – Dar iată că-ntr-o zi (LIVE) Lumina Lumii Paris

Profides – Cu tine (2016)

Adonia – Raza dimineții // Official Video

Eldad KIDS “Vreau să-I cant” | Colind | Official Video

Ce sarbatorim ? ~ Colind ~ Adonia ( Oficial Video )

Teo Family – Fiul Dragostei [Official Video]

Loredana Musteață – Cred Domnul meu [Official Video] 4k

Alex Tașcu și Miriam Popescu – Vreau să merg [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

Ovidiu Liteanu – Cuprinde-mă Isus (NOU 2017)

Eldad Kids “Alo, Alo..” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Muzica pentru copii

Andrei Ciurdas & Adonia – Pentru Tine

Paradis – Pentru El

Frumusete si Splendoare – PARADIS 4K

Adonia ~ Glorie Regelui // Official video // Colind

Grupul Eldad “GLORIE, OSANA” | OFFICIAL Video

Bianca Cernişov – Să rămân aproape

Andreea – Primesti putere [Official Audio]

Alin și Florina Jivan – Dacă nu zidește Domnul ( Official video 2017)

Andreea – Duh de viata [Official Video] 4K

Hristic – Intr-o cetate

TRINITY & PRIETENII – Vrednic de cinste [Official Video] 2017

Alex Tascu – Numele Tau (LIVE)

Adonia ~ Ajută-mă

Andreea – Lasa inima sa cante [Official Video]

Bianca Cernișov – Al cerului cântec [Official Video]

Geness – Promisiunea

Diana Malancea & Sergiu Cebotari – Mama [Official Video] 2017

TRINITY – Iarta-ma [OfficialVideo]

TRINITY – E Craciun, e sarbatoare [Official Video]

Alex Tascu – Daca Crezi

Grup Eldad “E noapte-n Betleem” | Colind | Videoclip Official

Eldad KIDS “Ce-ati vazut Pastori” | Colind | Official Video

Geness – Iubeste mereu

TRINITY – Pentru tine voi canta [Official Video] Concert 29 Mai 2016

Diana, Ada Malancea & Sergiu Cebotari – Bine ai venit ISUS [Official Video]

TRINITY – Pentru Tine vreau Isuse (Renton WA)


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Evangeline Iancu & Lavinia Achim – Dumnezeu credincios

Evangeline Iancu & Lavinia Achim – Dumnezeu credincios

Evangeline Iancu & Lavinia Achim – Dumnezeu credincios

Avem deosebita placere să vă prezentăm noul album interpretat de Evangeline Iancu & Lavinia Achim, intitulat “Dumnezeu credincios“.

Acest album poate fi ascultat la Radio Aripi Spre Cer Worship și îl puteţi solicita accesând dând click AICI






Iată care sunt piesele acestui album:

  1. (Intro) Faceti Sa Rasune [00:54]
2. Dragostea [04:25]
3. Tu Domnesti [03:31]
4. Arata-Mi Gloria [04:30]
5. Ziua Vine [04:22]
6. Tu Ma-Nconjori [04:36]
7. Dorinta Inimii [04:59]
8. Cerul [03:41]
9. Dumnezeu Viteaz [03:36]
10. Credincios [05:47]
11. Vreau Langa Dumnezeu [04:04]

De asemenea, avem deosebita plăcere să vă prezentăm și videoclipul de oficial al acestui album.

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MercyME – Lifer

MercyME – Lifer (2017)


MercyME - Lifer
MercyME – Lifer

MercyMe Lifer: On the heels of their RIAA Certified Gold and GRAMMY® acclaimed Welcome To The New (2014), at the core of their newest is the question of what it looks like to live as followers of Christ.

“This new record is the logical next chapter after our last album, and it carries a new perspective,” MercyMe’s Bart Millard remarked.

“Welcome To The New was all about grace and identity in Christ; a welcoming to the life of being a new creation by grace. And it’s such an exciting truth to grasp, but then life continues to go on and eventually the newness of that wears off and we need encouragement and support to sustain us. For me personally, I sing about being new every night on tour and I don’t always feel so new. So the album title LIFER and the theme of the record is all about reminding ourselves and others about the victory we have in the end through Christ. We are all in this for life – even on the days when we don’t feel like doing any of it. We want these songs to be a morale boost to remind people of who they are and what Christ has done.” (source:

Genres: Pop/Rock, Praise & Worship, Contemporary


01. Lifer
02. You Found Me
03. Grace Got You
04. Best News Ever
05. Even If
06. Hello Beautiful
07. We Win
08. Happy Dance
09. Heaven’s Here
10. Ghost

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Spring Harvest – Newsongs for the Church

Spring Harvest – Newsongs for the Church (2017)


Spring Harvest - Newsongs for the ChurchThe sounds of worship for the new year, this year’s Spring Harvest Newsongs release is a cherry-picked selection of the new worship music of the moment.

Featuring the talents of Brian and Katie Torwalt, Bethel Worship, Hillsong Worship, Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Cathy Burton, Nathan Jess, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche and Matt Redman, this Newsongs release features the kind of variety that appeals to any lovers of powerful worship music.

These are songs to empower worship, the bring churches together, and to stir the passionate faith of many into action.

Discover a taste of what is to come at 2017’s Spring Harvest with this collection of the best worship music of today.


1. Champion
2. Yes and Amen
3. What a Beautiful Name
4. The Mountain
5. O What Love That Came
6. God and God Alone
7. One Family
8. Once for All
9. Come, Lord Jesus
10. Our God (No Place Without Hope)
11. He Lives
12. We Believe in God

This album is aviable on Radio W2H / Radio Aripi Spre Cer International Playlist. You can request it HERE

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Spring Harvest wesbsite

Kim Walker-Smith – On My Side

Kim Walker-Smith – On My Side (2017)

ABOUT THE ALBUMKim Walker-Smith - On my side

On My Side, Kim Walker-Smith’s her first solo studio project of brand new songs, explores themes of heartbreak and triumph and gives the listener a glimpse into the past few years in her journey with God. Through these songs Kim shares the story of what God has taught in the past season of her life, and the new places He is taking her. Although a departure from her live recordings, Kim’s unforgettable, soulful voice continues to capture exhilarating moments of worship through both nuance and strength as she weaves together this beautiful collection of songs.


01. Brave Surrender
02. Glimpse
03. Throne Room
04. I Know
05. Awaken Love
06. Interlude
07. Just One Touch
08. On My Side
09. You Define Me
10. Rise
11. Undone
12. Fresh Outpouring

This album is aviable on Radio W2H / Radio Aripi Spre Cer International Playlist. You can request it HERE

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